Sustainability is the foundation of all we do.

“BRIGE GmbH is a good example of sustainable management and leadership techniques applied. The company achieves a perfect balance between the responsible use of raw materials and the simultaneous protection of valuable resources. In addition, BRIGE GmbH leads by example through actively managing its carbon footprint.”

[Georg Müller-Christ] University of Bremen, Professor of Sustainable Management

Environmental protection

Using resources efficiently and carefully within our value chain comes naturally to us. BRIGE proudly supports sustainability as a participant in the Blue Planet Certificate project. We will gladly provide you with a current document outlining our support.

We support the Nature Fund e.V. through our participation in the Blue Planet Certificate project. By planting two trees every month, we contribute to true sustainability. Due to our efforts, 1 ton of CO² is taken out of the atmosphere each month. We encourage our partners to follow in our footsteps and work sustainably.

Blue Planet Certificate

Ecology and recycling

From the outset when developing our superior machines, we take into account the careful use of resources. One good example of our success in this area is our ecological cleaning fluid. Used cleaning fluid is disposed of in line with the latest legal standards. In addition, we rely on modern, energy-saving side channel blower technology. This enables us to save up to 90% in energy costs as compared with the use of compressed air compressors in our dryer applications.

Product quality

Good is not good enough. We strive to offer innovative, certified products. No product leaves our production without a thorough quality check. We stand for continuously high product quality and consistent safety. To ensure we deliver this, we employ the services of the external EAC Engineering and Consulting firm to test our products for safety and usability.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at BRIGE are aware of the responsibility we bear for our employees. We continuously encourage personal development and work with the highest respect for our colleagues within the BRIGE company. We also offer our employees regular training and flexible hours. BRIGE supports a healthy work-life balance. We invite you to contact our staff to learn more about the benefits of working at BRIGE.

Quality management

It is important for us to check the quality of our work constantly and to improve it continuously. Using the theoretical framework of the “EFQM model” of the European Foundation for Quality Management, we check work on a regular basis through in-house seminars. We see this as a further step towards our sustainable business success.