Engineering Philosophy

Startup Spirit. Industry Experience. German Quality

Start Up Spirit

Engineering with flexibility and adaptability, BRIGE aims to tailor existing and pioneering platforms to suit customer demands. BRIGE aims to remain at the forefront of innovation by adapting cutting-edge and proven technologies that facilitate platform capabilities.


Industry Experience

BRIGEs extensive experience as industry players allowed for the development of deep networks with suppliers and partners alike. Throughout the development phase, BRIGE will continually facilitate and consult up to the last screw, ensuring rapid and in-depth machine development. 


German Quality

Innovative technologies, green orientation and due-date reliability, BRIGE delivers first class quality with the “made in Germany” seal. BRIGE ensures the highest standards and reviews every project with the strictest of lenses to deliver on the promise of quality products.


Receive real-time feedback and reports at all stages of the process, from the development to implementation. BRIGE inspires confidence through continual updates that you can access at your fingerprints to have a complete overview over the product development cycle and engage at every step of the way.

Thats the BRIGE way


BRIGE Method

  • Customer-input
  • In-house technology
  • Innovative and standard machines
  • CAD oriented
  • Due-date reliability
  • Effective sourcing
  • Customer production monitor