High Power. High-performance, High-efficiency and High-dependability.

The BRIGE B-AIR Generator is specifically designed for small to medium-scale applications in a range of settings. Customization is defined through the B-AIR Generators intelligent software with customer-specific requirements accommodated to the system’s parameters with frequency conversions and PLC control systems. The B-AIR Generator is a balanced system with exceptional operational dependability in demanding industrial environments and exceptional flexibility  and can be used as a mobile system and transported to satellite settings. Additional packages include mounted wheels, frequency converters and sensory equipment to ensure maximum control.



  • User- Friendly
  • Precise Airflow Control (1mbar accuracy)
  • PLC customization controller
  • Energy Saving
  • Insulated against Noise Pollution
  • CIP / Mobile Installation


  • Internal Ventilation

Remove fumes and atmospheric particulates through steady air streams.

  • Systems Cooling

Reduce machine systems temperatures to ensure optimal performance and material durability

  • Production Drying

Increase production capacities by decreasing drying times but still ensuring the highest-quality

  • Airflow Cleaning

Integrated with the B-Series to dry cleaned conveyor chains

Work Packages

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    Tornado Power Standard

    The lite model enables cost-effective functions on a small-scale setting by having a 4kW regenerative blower.

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    Tornado XL

    A medium package platform. The Tornado XL delivers 5.5kW of regenerative blowing ensuring proper function on a medium scale.

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    Tornado XXL

    The workhorse system. It delivers the highest regenerative blower output of 7,5kW and ensures effective performance on a medium to large scale setting.

Technical Specification


Performance (mbar)

  • Overpressure Max
  • Low Pressure Max


BRIGE provides installation and the maintenance of air generators, and the installation and replacement of performance wear components.