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Industrial Experience Meets Innovative Solutions

BRIGE provides consulting engineering services to suit the needs of customers from a wide range of industries and applications. Reinforced by high standards of quality and an advanced industrial understanding, our aim is to tailor our maintenance systems to your company or organizations chain conveyor infrastructure.


Made In Germany and Industry 4.0

BRIGE specializes in the development of conveyor chain maintenance systems to the highest quality standards. These solutions are tailored to tackle the costly problem of chain ruptures, while enabling the integration of our system into the fast paced and processintensive industrial settings of Industry 4.0. We work diligently to provide insightful and detailed platforms that are adapted to suit your industrial needs. Developed and headquartered in Germany, we provide products that are rigorously tested in dynamic industrial settings, such that you can be confident that our products are able to adapt to your specific conveyor systems requirements.


Benefits From Our Range Of Systems

BRIGE offers a portfolio of platforms to cover every attribute of conveyor chain maintenance. From the B-CLEAN-System to the B-AIR-Unit, we offer systems that are easily installed, intuitive and user-friendly.


Invest in Efficiency

Extended operation time without conveyor disruption, a prolonged conveyor lifespan, and increased volume capacity, are examples of how BRIGE’s products serve to heighten your industrial capacity. Customers will benefit from the comprehensive conveyor chain maintenance systems provided by BRIGE, by saving money on operating costs and saving time otherwise spent on repairs.


BRIGE’s Service

The world of business is never stagnant and your production shouldn’t be, either. We ensure the flawless operational cycle of conveyor chains on all scales and industries. BRIGE embodies the philosophies of Industry 4.0 and embrace the new standard of industrial engineering. By integrating innovative next-generation cleaning systems with the highest quality standards of “Made-in Germany”, BRIGE creates solutions for you.


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