Chain Cleaning Systems. Made Easy.

  • One-time Systems Installation

  • Integrated Operation Cleaning

  • Increased Conveyor Lifecycle

At BRIGE, our goal is to increase the life cycle of existing conveyor systems while simultaneously reducing energy costs. We have worked in conjunction with industrial specialists and have developed a range of conveyor cleaning solutions that are adapted to various settings and processes. BRIGE prides itself on continuously striving to improve conveyor systems, heightening their potential operational capabilities. This goal is met by the following innovations in conveyor systems: 


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    Clean In Place (CIP) Technology

    BRIGE’s Clean-In-Place (CIP) cleaning method works in most overhead conveyor systems. Our custom-built cleaning track is easily installed into your existing conveyor system. This CIP track enables the quick and convenient cleaning of your conveyor system, meaning time-consuming and dangerous dismantling of your conveyor chain is a thing of the past.


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    Clean Solution (CS) Technology

    Clean Solution Technology helps to prevent conveyor chains from rupturing through lubrication applied after the de-greasing the axle bearings. This not only will remove the abrasive effect of debris stuck in crucial joints, but also the friction caused by over-used lubrication. The result, a chain the runs smoother with an extended life cycle.


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    Adaptive Surface (AS) Technology

    Utilizing advanced materials and processing techniques, BRIGE’s cleaning system can be placed on tracks and profiles that have a range of curvatures and inclinations. This innovative and flexible design conforms to the track, while special hardening processes of the brush ensures durability through the thickest of debris.


How Does It Works ?

Installation of our cleaning platforms is simple with experienced BRIGE technicians providing on-site setup and assistance. Utilizing modularisation designs ensures a quick and flexible buildup.
A deep clean of you conveyor chain is ensured through the use of technologies that are industry tested. New layers of lubrication are then added to ensure smooth and seamless performance.
Our technicians are at all times ready to consult and assist in your specific needs. Providing a clear oversight, following best-practice and ensuring the compliance of German industry standards.

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