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The BRIGE B-CLEAN-System 4.0 cleans conveyor chains automatically. Until now there was no solution on the market for cleaning conveyor chains in circular and power-and-free conveyors during operations. Now we present our innovation:


The BRIGE conveyor chain cleaning service.


The chain cleaning reduces the danger of dust and debris falling onto your valuable products. Bad products due to conveyor chain contamination can now be avoided. Start optimizing your product quality i.e. in powder coating.


With our BRIGE “Clean-Solution-Technology” we are even able to clean conveyor chains during operation. The BRIGE B-CLEAN-System helps to prevent conveyor chains from rupturing and increases their lifetime. New lubrication is applied after degreasing the axle bearings. Your conveyor chain runs well-greased and longer.


Our Clean-In-Place (CIP) cleaning method works in most overhead conveyor systems. Our custom-built cleaning track is easily inserted into your conveyor system. The cleaning track enables you to clean your conveyor chain at any time.  Time-consuming and dangerous dismounting of your conveyor chain is a thing of the past.


Also look out for our new inline conveyor track cleaning.


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